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Road Forms

Our flexible curb and system is unlike any other product on the market and we offer hire & sales, the Fast-Form road forms are the most flexible & versatile product available. They can also work with the Fast-Form bracket system to give the most stable formwork on the market allowing fixing to any surface.

Our road forms are galvanised steel (although we do have mild steel versions available for sale). The galvanised steel road forms are stronger and more flexible than any other type. They have larger pin braces made to strengthen them and protect them from damage. They can be joined on top of each other for larger pour heights, they can also join together with bolts meaning there are no more loose connections even when using heavy-duty screed and rails. Contact us today for more information on our formwork product range.

Whether you are looking to hire or purchase our road form systems, we can provide the solution. Whether you require straight or flexi versions, we can manufacture bespoke formwork for you. They are strong and more flexible than any other systems, and they don’t buckle, twist or rust. Our expert team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding road forms, so please get in touch.

Road Forms benefits


  • Fast-Form™ offer road forms for hire or sale, if you decide you need a few extra after purchasing them, then just hire more from us.
  • We provide a fast and cheaper alternative to timber forms and a more robust solution than standard options.
  • If you are after a more cost-effective approach than purchasing road forms then just hire them out for all your jobs to keep your costs low. We offer competitive rental and sales delivered anywhere with low-cost delivery available on all our Fast-Form™ products.
  • If you are looking for a faster/safer and sturdier road form fixing solution to almost any surface, then our products are compatible with our other formwork bracket systems. Providing you with a faster and effective solution to your needs.


  • Fast-Form™ road systems are compatible with our other formwork bracket systems. Making them unique, and a much safer and sturdier fixing solution to any surface from ground/hardcore/concrete & plywood decking.
  • Fast-Form™ solutions are stronger and flexible than any other road forms by design, they won’t bend warp, buckle or twist and they won’t rust
  • The larger pin braces are made to strengthen the formwork and protect them from damage, this means they will not rust and will outlast any other product.
  • They are long-lasting and they require less maintenance.
  • Our road foms system can be joined on top of each other for larger pour heights and joined together with bolts meaning no more loose connections at joints, perfect for heavy-duty screeds and roller strikers.


  • Fast-Form™ road forms reduce timber usage and with fully recyclable materials that are much stronger and safer than timber-based products.
  • The Fast-Form™ column formwork system has little or no timber wastage and 100% fully recyclable materials. This means greatly reduced carbon emissions from not only our column formwork system but also reduced emissions from deliveries.
  • The Fast-Form™ column formwork system is the Greenest and Lowest Carbon column formwork system on the market.
  • On every job you can be issued with Carbon Saving Certificate. This tells you how much carbon you saved using the Fast-Form™road forms system vs other methods you could have used.


  • The Fast-Form™ system has an estimated 25 year plus lifespan and is made from 100% fully recyclable materials.
  • The Fast-Form™ road forms reduces timber use and so contributes to a sustainable solution that also reduces carbon use.

Road forms are available for hire or sale from Fast-Form Systems. They come in straight or flexi versions, with or without dowel holes. Available in 100mm, 150mm & 200mm in height meaning with the ability to join we can do almost any height in 50mm increments. (Please note if stacking always ask for a design from Fast Form first).

We also offer bespoke manufacture of road forms, so whatever you need please just ask. We are the no 1 for formwork hire and sales in the UK so contact our expert team today.


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