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Our Fast-Form false system is available for all slab applications. It’s a fast and easy to erect scaffold based system with H20 lumber beams for primary and secondaries, giving you a superior finish to any panel based system.

The system has 6.5 Ton legs which can pour almost any depth slab while including all structural calcs & drawings. Fast-Form brackets fix easily to the plywood face to give fast and efficient slab edge formwork, it’s also compatible to use with our unique road form system for slab edges.

We are also able to offer other systems for sale or rental, whatever your needs Fast Form can supply a system to suit your specific site requirements.

Falsework benefits


  • Fast-Form™ falsework systems are fast and easy to erect and strip and require a low skilled level
  • Fast-Form™ falsework systems include not only the simple cuplock system but also many other major falsework suppliers such as Doka, GHI, Peri & Ishebeck Titan
  • Fast-Form™ falsework system’s come with full color 3D temporary works drawings and structural calculations and we also provide slab edge formwork systems that work with the Fast-Form™ falsework system’s we provide


  • Fast-Form™ falsework system’s offer greater slab thickness than a panel based falsework system, offering a much stronger and sturdier finish
  • Our in house designers & structural engineers will design a falsework system suitable to your job and site conditions


  • When using Fast-Form™ own formwork systems with your falsework, you can not only reduce timber usage, but with new plastic ply’s it can totally eliminate timber usage with fully recyclable materials that are much stronger and safer than lumber based products
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork systems are made from 100% fully recyclable materials, greatly reduced carbon emissions from not only our formwork systems but also reduced emissions from deliveries
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork system is the Greenest and Lowest Carbon formwork system on the market
  • On every job you can be issued with Carbon Saving Certificate that tells you how much carbon you saved using the Fast-Form™ formwork systems vs other methods you could have used


  • The Fast-Form™ formwork work range has an estimated 25 year plus lifespan and is made from 100% fully recyclable materials
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range reduces lumber use and so contributes to a sustainable solution that also reduces carbon use

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