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Fast-Form testimonials

Listed below is a small section on what our customers have to say about their experience at Fast-Form.

Unibuild Building Contractors Ltd

We have used the Fast-Form bracket and wall systems for years and didn’t realise they also did road forms. Well now we do, what a difference they are to standard road forms, they arrive straight, they are not rusty and are so strong, the way they hold at joints and hold their level is unbelievable.

We rented some first and they come galvanised so they don’t rust, when buying you have the choice of standard or galvanised.

It’s the best road form on the market by a long way, years ahead of the bent old rusty rubbish everyone else rents out or sells, so good in fact we bought some, you can see they will last for years and not just one job.

If we run short we just rent a few extra, if you’re not sure just rent them first like we did, if you use them regular they are well worth buying.

You can even stack them, we had 150s but needed to do a 300mm section and just bolted them together it such a clever feature as is the fact they have corners and a clever infil accessory that means you can pour the exact shape of the slab without flying past the pour.

Fast-Form are a great company, so knowledgeable and a great range of formwork for every application, they deliver exactly when they say they will and their customer service is fantastic.

Mick Genney

Balfour Beatty

Having first used road forms over 20 years ago, I genuinely never realised how bad they were. All sorts of shapes, states and sizes with no alternative.

Spoke with Kiel at Fast-Form, within a day we had some dropped off in the middle of Norfolk for a trial. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

They are fantastic, without doubt the best seen. The lads have it easy nowadays!

Thanks for the ongoing service.

Jonny Kerr, General Foreman

Wildgoose (Bonsall) Ltd

We have used the Fast-Form bracket system on several projects and have found it very simple and straightforward to install, increasing productivity, reducing timber waste and reducing overall project expenditure.

Thomas McLatchie

D S Structures

We were referred to Fast-Form and they provided us with a very unique solution to cast a slab with a plinth in one go. A very ingenious system, I had never seen anything like it before, our joiners were skeptical but have been won over by the speed and ease of use of the system. We have used every system available over the years but none as flexible as Fast-Form, their customer service is excellent and they are very helpful. We dramatically reduced our timber usage / carbon footprint, improved safety and saved time and money on program as well.

Managing Director

D & P Reinforcements Ltd

Fast Form designed and supplied the Fast Form brackets to cast a 1200mm high Radius base for a Wind Turbine. Fast Form supplied full instructions and drawings, with a prompt delivery and D & P Reinforcements found the system ‘Very Fast and Easy to use’

Dallas Seddon

MMK Civils

We have used the Fast Form brackets on one of our sites in Oxford where we had to shutter for a new concrete generator slab. I have to say that they were very easy to get used to and made the work faster and more modern than the traditional methods of formwork. This was the first time we have used Fast Form but we will definitely be using them again on our future projects. The whole process from placing an initial enquiry through to collection was a professional service.

Kieron Reilly

Curtis Construction

We used the Fast Form system for both single and double sided formwork to support concrete underpinning and basement walls. We also used the brackets to pour the slab. The whole system was very flexible and easy to use and the service from Stewart and the team was excellent from beginning to end. See our photos and time lapse on the Fast Form Website.

Richard Armstrong

Frank Goulding Ltd

Fast-Form Systems provide a very efficient system of shuttering for reinforced concrete works. We contacted Fast-Form as we required a simple shuttering system that couple be erected in a short period of time, the staff were extremely helpful and provided the materials within a few days of my initial conversation. The staff were also very helpful in providing technical assistance throughout the process of constructing the shuttering. Upon completion of the works the shuttering was also collected within a couple of days. I would not hesitate to use Fast-Form Systems again.

Royal Engineers MOD

Fast Form has provided our Formwork system to the MOD via our partner W F Senate. This system is being supplied for Project ANEMOI, a construction project delivered by the Corps of Royal Engineers for the construction of new accommodation blocks on three remote hilltop sites in the Falkland Islands. After an exhaustive tender process which included a trial of the system against a well known product, Fast Form was chosen in preference to other well known formwork suppliers for its ease of use, cost and time savings, and its excellent customer service.

Captain D Smith


Fast Form Systems provide a robust, user-friendly framework that makes shuttering pit walls much easier and quicker than traditional timber only methods. We’ve used Fast Form on a recent contract for 6 pits of varying sizes and depths at Heathrow Airport, the finish / timescales would have been difficult to achieve without the use of their system, we’ll definitely use them as a matter of course on future work.

Marc Abrook

Sole Trader, Shuttering Joiner

I only do small shuttering jobs and didn’t think Fast-Form would be suitable, but after getting the price to hire and using the system I was amazed at the cost savings. I finished the job in a fraction of the time and had no shutters to get rid of at the end. A lot of the work I do is residential house footings and garage slabs and some times there is no blinding to fix brackets down but using road pins is just as good on smaller pours and worked great. The service from Fast-Form is second to none, they are so helpful, I will use them on all jobs from now on, thanks guys.

M Gallagher

Coopersfix (UK) Ltd

I cant believe how much time we saved using the Fast-Form brackets, no make up of timber shutters. Overall the cost was far lower than using traditional timber shutters, very little wastage and huge labour savings. What a great system, so easy to use and so fast, we will continue using Fast-Form on every job we have. On top of that we were able to put a handrail on the shutters to create a safe working area and they came with structural calculations. Great product, great service.

Mr Cooper, Director

Unibuild Ltd

We have just used the Fast-Form system for the first time and we are extremely pleased with the system. We found it much quicker than making traditional timber shutters and very easy to use and whats more extremely quick to strip down. Very sturdy and no parts to lose or damage! Our job needed a fair face finish with no holes and Fast-Form was perfect for the job. What a great system, we shall be using it on all our shuttering contracts from now on.

TWSteelfixing (UK) Ltd

As a groundwork’s contractor we have used many formwork and shuttering systems in the past from Mabey & A-Plant to Peri and many others. We have found them either heavy and cumbersome or very expensive and have been caught endless times for damage charges and lost items that cost more than the formwork hire in some cases. We have never used a faster or simpler system than Fast-Form, it has saved us an enormous amount of time and money, we have cut down on wastage, deliveries and man hours. No pieces to lose and almost impossible to damage. What a fantastic system, so simple yet so effective, we will be using this from now on!!! good luck guys!