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Custom Formwork Solutions

Fast-Form™ manufacture all of our systems and so we can create custom formwork for the UK, Europe, USA & Worldwide.

We can offer the perfect solution for custom formwork solutions and can design any system to suit your needs. Our system is so flexible it has been used on everything from propping masonry walls to casting plinths onto walls, walkways & safety access, decking and much more. Whatever your needs Fast-Form can work with you to design a solution, we provide full in-house CAD Design in stunning 3D, temporary works drawings and structural calculations, we offer the complete service, all based on our Patented and award-winning formwork solutions.

Bespoke benefits


  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range is faster than traditional lumber formwork and a cost effective alternative to other formwork systems, because we manufacture our systems we can offer custom formwork solutions designed around your needs


  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range can have access, handrails and toe boards fitted, a lightweight system that can be easily fitted by hand quickly and safely
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range helps you meet manual handling regulations with no part more than 55 lbs
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range handrail & access system easily conform to working at height regulations


  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range can not only reduce lumber usage, but with new plastic ply it can totally eliminate lumber usage with fully recyclable materials that are much stronger and safer than lumber based products
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range has little or no lumber wastage and 100% fully recyclable materials, greatly reduced carbon emissions from not only our wall formwork system but also reduced emissions from deliveries
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range is the Greenest and Lowest Carbon formwork system on the market
  • On every job you can be issued with Carbon Saving Certificate that tells you how much carbon you saved using the Fast-Form™ formwork range vs other methods you could have used


  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range has a 25 year plus lifespan and is made from 100% fully recyclable materials
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range reduces timber use and so contributes to a sustainable solution that also reduces carbon use

Fast-Form is used on many major projects whatever your needs from off the shelf basements, walls, slabs and capping beams and decking to bespoke designs and one-off projects, we have the solution to suit all based on our lightweight and award-winning formwork systems. Take a look at some of our greatest successes below;

  • Elliptical staircase used to cast 3 floors of stunning elliptical staircase in a £50 million refurbishment of a £120 million London Town House.
  • We were able to produce a design and a working prototype for Balfour Beatty Rail /TFL within a week.
  • Recently designed a climbing formwork wall system with radius panels for a client, which included full access platforms to cast 7 number 30m high, 30m radius gas storage tanks in Mauritius, all with pre-bent plastic ply sheets.
  • Custom rail system for Balfour Beatty Rail / Transport For London (UK) to create a lightweight / fast fix and easy strip formwork system for the London Underground where old sleepers are being replaced with a concrete slab and integrated drainage and access channel.
  • The Fast-Form™ standard range offers a solution for types of formwork from pile cap formwork, beams, slab & wall formwork to sheet pile capping beam formwork & much more, one system with a multitude of formwork uses and ability for custom formwork applications based on variation of our full range of formwork systems
  • With the Fast-Form™ formwork range, cranes and machines are not needed, saving time, money and resources
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range will save you days or weeks on your program and thousands of dollars in plant hire and labor, not to mention money on materials and wastage
  • The Fast-Form™ formwork range means virtually no make up, no de-nailing, lightweight and easy to use system much faster than traditional timber formwork and lighter than any panel formwork system

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