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Carbon Savings

Based on an Independent Carbon Footprint report conducted by the Grimsby Institute and the Great Project, Carbon Savings calculations are based on the lifespan of the products, the manufacturing process and recyclability.

Fast-Form VS Timber Formwork (All types of Formwork):

  • Traditional timber formwork uses 2.39kg of Carbon per M2
  • Fast Form with a Plywood Face uses 0.43kg of Carbon per M2
  • Fast Form with Plastic Ply face uses 0.22kg of Carbon per M2

Fast-Form uses more than 5.5 times less Carbon than traditional timber formwork with standard ply and 10 times less when a recyclable plastic ply is used.


Extracting from the Carbon Report we can calculate that per KG of metal formwork any metal-based formwork system would use .0245kg of Carbon per KG of formwork so from that here are some interesting facts, all based on a 15-year lifespan
(Note timber is based on its useful life and replaced, Panel systems are unlikely to be serviceable in 15 years, Fast-Form is expected to last 20 years plus):

Panel Formwork Systems (Walls):

A well know panel system taking a 1.2 x 2.4m panel weighs 163kg that equates to 57kg per m2 which translates to 1.39kg of Carbon use per M2 more than 3 times more carbon than Fast Form.

The Fast-Form Aluminium panel system 1.22 x 2.44 weighs 55kg with ply that equates to 18kg per m2, so uses just .46KG of Carbon per M2 which is two thirds less than the system above.

Not factored in is delivery, Fast-Form is 3 times lighter so would cost less to deliver, is easier to handle and the Carbon Footprint on delivery is also much less overall

Sheet Pile Capping Systems (Flood Defence & Marine works):

A well know sheet pile capping beam soffit system weighs between 1000 and 10,000 KG per metre run, so assuming the smallest size of beam at 1000KG per metre run the system would use 24.5 to 245 KG of Carbon per metre, over 50 times more Carbon than the Fast Form bracket system, the larger system would be more than 500 times more Carbon per metre, this system does NOT include the formwork so per metre run you could also add for example a ‘Panel System’ as well.

The Fast-Form Bracket system weighs on average 20kg per M2 so uses just .49KG of Carbon per M2 when used with standard ply and just .22kg when used with a recyclable plastic Ply

Historically there was only one sheet pile capping system available, Fast-Form is rapidly replacing it in the market as we are between 50 and 500 times lighter and offer a Carbon reduction of at least 50 to 500 times in comparison, add to that savings on Crane and machinery and the reduction in emission in that alone plus delivery and you can see why we are the fastest growing brand in the UK.

Carbon savings using Fast-Form are dramatic please ask for the full Carbon saving report.