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Fast Form Systems is a fabrication company specialising in design and fabrication of projects utilising carbon and stainless steels.

Our range of available services is wide and varied and all project managed within our 1,860m² factory based in Grimsby, North Lincolnshire. Our production staff can fulfil your fabrication requirements from supplied drawings, or utilising our in-house design team and the CAD 3D design software this route ensures complete control over the manufacturing process and enables Fast-Form Systems to fulfil UK and international sales orders quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturing benefits


  • Fast-Form™ sheet pile capping beam formwork system needs no cranes or machines needed and no lift plans. Meaning not only is it faster but save thousands on plant hire.
  • With the Fast-Form™ sheet pile wall system there’s no need for a scaffolder as our formwork system comes with handrails and access platforms. Saving you time and money.
  • The Fast-Form™ system not only forms the soffit of the beam but also the formwork to both sides. With all supports, saving time and labour costs.
  • The Fast-Form™ sheet pile wall system can cope with straight or radius, complex shapes and beams of almost any size or type. No matter what the site conditions.
  • We will design your system for you and deliver everything to your site. Our Fast-Form™ sheet pile capping beam formwork system is lightweight meaning not only we can deliver this faster than most, but the transportation costs are greatly reduced.
  • The Fast-Form™ systems are flexible enough to cope with all types and sizes of capping beams. The system can be fitted to a sheet pile wall with bolts or with stud welding, and we have several fixing and bolt options available.
  • Fast-Form™ also offer the best finish of any Fast-Form™ system products with F4 finishes available on all sides soffit of the sheet pile wall.


  • Sheet pile capping beam formwork systems using timber formwork creates an unsafe method of working in most applications. Mainly due to the lack of structural calculations and no handrails and rival systems are heavy and need a crane. The only form of soffit of the sheet pile wall system.
  • Fast Form™ provides one full capping formwork system complete with all 3D colour drawings and fitting instructions. As well as full Temporary Works and Structural Calculations included as standard.
  • The Fast-Form™ sheet pile wall beam system meets manual handling regulations with our brackets as they weight from just 4kg up to a max 25kg.
  • Fast-Form™ handrail and access systems conform to the HSE working at height regulations.
  • Fast-Form™ offers a complete solution sheet pile capping beams formwork solution for pouring. There is no need to make and try to fix additional formwork. Fast Form™ system sheet pile wall form all sides of the beam no matter how complex.
  • The Fast-Form™ system provides a complete working platform and handrails can also be included for a safe solution. Keeping your workers safe and offering a safe and stable platform to work off. Ideal for fixing rebar and pouring concrete.
  • The Fast-Form™ sheet pile wall system provides full edge protection.
  • The Fast-Form™ sheet pile capping beams system can in a lot of cases be fitted from one side or from a cherry picker, without the need for a crane.


  • The Fast-Form™ beam system will reduce your carbon footprint, by over 80% against timber formwork and by up to 1000% vs rival systems.
  • The Fast-Form™ sheet pile wall system weighs a fraction of other systems, so it’s lightweight and easy to fit. It also costs less to transport and so dramatically reduces your Carbon Foot Print.
  • On every job you can be issued with Carbon Saving Certificate. This tells you how much carbon you saved using the Fast-Form™ system vs other methods you could have used.


  • The Fast-Form formwork system has a 25 year plus lifespan and is made from 100% fully recyclable materials.
  • Fast Form The Fast-Form™ sheet pile wall beam system reduces timber use. It therefore contributes to a sustainable solution that also reduces carbon use.


  • Precision laser profile cutting – 4,000mm x 2,000mm bed – of 22mm (max) carbon steel and 10 mm stainless steel
  • Hydraulic press brake sheet steel forming up to 4,000mm (max) length
  • CAD 3D Design and temporary works drawings, and structural calculations
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Wide range of plate, sheet and beam steel in stock
  • Factory to client/site transport fleet
  • Erection and on-site fabrication teams


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