Quarterly Sales offer – bracket system - Fast Form Systems

Quarterly Sales offer – bracket system


The Fast-Form bracket system can pour slabs, walls, sheet pile capping beams, form complex shapes, single sided and much more. Just bolt the system to concrete, screw into plywood (for slab edge on decking), or use the unique pin brace base and pin like a road form, then just screw into plywood from behind and pour! Fast, easy, efficient, cuts down on labour costs, reduces timber use and lowers your carbon footprint. Available in 150mm to 1800mm heights.

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Our latest offers on bracket systems

Brackets Size metric New Ex-hire
150/200 bracket 140 x 190mm £18.09 £12.66
Type A (standard base) H 440mm £31.05 £21.74
Type B (standard base) H 640mm £48.57 £34.00
Type C (standard base) H 840mm £64.83 £45.38
Type D (standard base) H 1,240mm £126.18 £88.33
Type E (standard base) H 1,840mm £125.52 £87.86
Pin brace bases only L 840mm £48.30 £22.81
Type A (pin brace version) H 440mm £71.94 £50.36
Type B (pin brace version) H 640mm £81.93 £57.35
Type C (pin brace version) H 840mm £93.63 £65.54
Type D (pin brace version) H 1,240mm £96.66 £67.66
Type E (pin brace version) H 1,840mm £173.82 £121.67