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Column Formwork: The Ultimate Guide


Column formwork creates a formwork around a column to provide structural support. Columns are generally a support for multi-floor buildings, come in various shapes and sizes and can often be a seen as a decorative feature.

Formliners can often be used to give the finished concrete a specific pattern, and coloured concretes are also sometimes used to give a required finish. Round columns can often be cast with single use circular formwork, these achieve a good finish but are costly, especially if there are a lot of columns.

Our Fast-Form column formwork system is modular which means that it can be assembled quicker than traditional formwork systems. Depending on the concrete finish that you require, we can supply a range of internal face finishes (formliners) and our formwork can also be easily adjusted on-site to suit the size of the columns needed.

Fast-Form Column Formwork THE BENEFITS

With our bespoke formwork we can create any system to suit your individual needs. Not only is it the lightest system on the market, our column formwork also has a unique fixing system which means that it bolts directly onto your slab, removing the need for casting a kicker. Additional benefits of column formwork include:

  1. Increased speed and efficiency in construction
  2. A reduced need for skilled labour due to how simple it is to erect
  3. Our Fast-Form system can be assembled more easily than traditional formwork
  4. High-quality surface finishes are possible and formliners can be fitted
  5. Due to the highly engineered nature of the column formwork system, precision adjustments can be made on the jobsite.

Built With Safety in mind

Often, there is no real risk assessment when timber formwork is used on a jobsite, which can be a very unsafe method of working. The Fast-Form column formwork system helps you to meet handling regulations as no part weighs more than 25kg. Other safety benefits of our column formwork include:

  • Metal formwork systems have integral concreting platforms with guard rails and access equipment, reducing the need for independent access
  • For systems with disposable formwork, working platforms are erected separately in order to allow safe access
  • We can manufacture column formwork systems which can be worked from just one side. These are particularly useful for columns situated on the edges of buildings
  • The assembly process is much easier than with timber formwork, which is much better from a health and safety viewpoint
  • Minimal tools and equipment are required in order to erect column formwork

However, the key feature that really sets the Fast-Form column formwork system apart from other products in the market is its lifespan. Our formwork solutions are designed to last for over 25 years, as well as being made from 100% fully recyclable materials. A sustainable solution that is designed to withstand the test of time.

If you would like any further information about our column formwork system, please contact our expert team who will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.